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yellow dot stickerNo? Well, soon you will be seeing them everywhere! These little Yellow Dots that are appearing more and more frequently on the rear driver’s side windshields could be life-saving for our senior citizens. After seeing a few Yellow Dots on some cars, I was curious, and wanted to learn more about them. So, I turned to a trusted source, and stopped by the South Windsor Police Department today. I spoke with Sargent Field, who is our community and elderly outreach officer. To my delight, he smiled, and immediately knew what I was talking about!

rear stickerHe explained that these Yellow Dots are part of a national program that is meant to immediately signal first responders (i.e. police, fire and EMS personnel) to check the car’s glove compartment for vital information – medical history, medications, hospital preference, physicians, and emergency contacts – about vehicle’s occupant(s).  Fortunately, this initiative is spreading rapidly, fueled by the growing wave of maturing citizens, and increased awareness about the program. Having a Yellow Dot on your car could prove life-saving.

The Yellow Dot program is designed to help accident victims, especially seniors, to communicate with rescuers during the crucial “golden hour,” which is the first 60 glove boxminutes after a serious accident or medical emergency. It can make the difference between life and death for the critically injured or ill person. Additionally, it will serve as a mechanism to properly care for you, and alert your next-of-kin, in a timely manner, that there is a problem.

It is a simple, yet, effective way to provide critical information about you in the event you are unable to communicate with the first responders. Participants in the FREE program receive a Yellow Dot to place on the rear driver’s side window, after completing a brief medical questionnaire. Then, first responders will be alerted to check your glove compartment for your yellow flier, which contains your vital information. It can be verified as yours, by having your photo attached.

If you are wondering how to get a photo of yourself, you only need to head over to the police department. After you have completed the medical questionnaire in pencil, the South Windsor Police Department will take your picture and scan it onto your medical questionnaire – for FREE! To speed up this process though, it is suggested that you call ahead of time, and make an appointment. The non-emergency phone number for the police department is 860-644-2551.

The Yellow Dot program is part of a national initiative sponsored by TRIAD in partnership with People’s United Bank. TRIAD, is a national community policing program wherein law enforcement professionals, community groups, and seniors partner together striving to keep older adults safe from crime. We are fortunate in South Windsor to have a TRIAD program available to us. If you would like to learn more about this program just click here: South Windsor TRIAD.

To better reach out to our senior citizens, the police department has partnered up with the adult and senior services department. These departments work collaboratively to help educate our senior citizens by providing them with training and awareness classes, meetings, and offer handouts highlighting safety tips. All of these resources are FREE! To further reach out to you, they also have a monthly newsletter!  This newsletter is entitled, “The Senior Connection.” Each month, this newsletter contains valuable TRAID (safety) tips, important phone numbers, legal aid, information pertaining to social services, upcoming exercise and informational classes, community news, and special upcoming events!

It is absolutely important that we do what ever we can for our senior citizens. They deserve it, and have earned the right to have a healthy, safe, and hassle-free lifestyle. Everything we have, and who we are as a society, is in part, because of their contributions and sacrifices. The Yellow Dot program is just one example of our community giving back to our senior citizens!

A special thank you goes out to Sargent Field for his kind contribution to this article, and for his long-term commitment to South Windsor! – Jay